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UFO Pumpkin 12 oz can

UFO Pumpkin

Hefeweizen | ABV: 5.9%

There are a lot of reasons why we love fall, but the return of UFO Pumpkin is pretty high on the list. This seasonally spiced treat has accompanied us on many a journey through the cool days and spooky nights of fall.

Tasting Notes

Seasonally spiced and brewed with real pumpkin puree, UFO Pumpkin utilizes a grain bill with less wheat than most UFO beers, leaning more into traditional malts for a crisp, clean, and smooth ale base that sets the stage for pumpkin puree to shine!

Specialty Ingredients: Pumpkin puree

Available In
UFO Pumpkin 6 pack

12 oz can 6-pack

UFO Pumpkin 12 pack

12 oz can 12-pack