Your Adventure Quencher

Beer doesn't need to just be beer. It's the perfect sidekick to traveling, eating and hangin.
Take a swig of these flavors and jump on in to the UFO adventure!

First Contact: The UFO story

UFO beer was brought to life thanks to a trip to the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1990s. Craft
breweries there were producing hefeweizens, and the sight of a bartender tossing a few lemon slices
into a big, cloudy pitcher of hefe was equally mystifying and intriguing. Back home in New England,
the idea of a murky beer served with fruit was a completely oddball notion. But upon first sip, we
discovered new and different tastes that could appeal to the beer drinking stalwarts, as well as the
skeptics in search of a beer that matched their lifestyle. So we brought the crisp, refreshing
qualities of hefeweizen back East to share with folks who want a little adventure with their beer.

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