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February 17, 2020

Easy, Beer-y, Dessert-y

This raspberry float makes the perfect dessert – or anytime treat.

In the dregs of Winter it is very hard to stay positive, especially when all you want to do is lay on a beach with a UFO Raspberry in hand and catch some rays and waves. We thought it might be a good idea to come up with a dessert option that brings you back to some your favorite summer pastimes – namely sitting outside an ice cream store chowing down on your favorite cone. We teamed up with Vanessa from to bring you this amazing Raspberry Float that includes one of our favorite year-round offerings, UFO Raspberry.

What's Inside:

What You Need:

– A carton of your favorite sherbet
– Fresh berries
– 1 can of UFO Raspberry

What You Do:

1. Pick your favorite glass and put a scoop of sherbet at the bottom
2. Layer berries and sherbet until the glass is mostly full
3. Pour UFO Raspberry into the glass
4. Top with more berries, a straw and a long spoon – enjoy!