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An "Out of This World" Event

  Last Friday, 60 community members joined @IGersBoston and UFO Beers at Harpoon Brewery for an “Out of This World” event! Fun was had by all. And beer. Lots of beer. Boston is a sight to be seen all year round, but let’s face it: Boston in the summer is “Out of This World.” With that, @IGersBoston partnered with UFO Beers and launched a contest, asking Instagrammers to share their best summer images for the chance to win an incredible prize: Three images would appear on coasters throughout the Boston area later this year!
More than 300 images were submitted, and 25 shots were selected for feature at the event. Upon arrival, guests were given three bottle caps and instructed to vote for their favorite displayed images, while socializing and indulging in beers on tap – including a limited-time UFO Pink Lemonade! Victoria Kidder, UFO Brand Manager at Harpoon, addressed the crowd and announced the winners, touting the most bottle cap votes!


First Winner: Nick @envytheliving

“I really enjoyed meeting so many different photographers at Harpoon, some who I’ve followed for years but never have had the opportunity to meet! And of course, winning the ‘Out of This World’ contest is awesome – thanks to everyone who voted for me!”


Second Winner: Matt @heyjude31

“I was so excited to have been chosen as one of the finalists for the UFO Beer partnership. Then, to be voted by my peers as one of the top three was humbling. The only person who was more excited than me was my nine-year-old son, who actually thinks I’m kind of cool now!”


Third Winner: Timmy @tjwalshphoto

"What an honor! Big thanks to UFO Beer, @IGersBoston and the Instagram community who voted for me!"