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Clown Shoes Is Joining Our Fam!

  It seems like every day there is something “new” to discover in the craft beer world. Whether it is a delicious new beer that just hit the market or it’s a new brewery popping up out of thin air, we live in a constantly changing craft beer landscape.

No matter how the beer world keeps changing, one constant for us has always been our appreciation and respect for independent brewing, so when we got wind of an opportunity to join forces with a fellow Massachusetts brewer, we got pretty excited. After many conversations, more than a few beers, and some great brainstorming, we are happy to announce that Clown Shoes Beer will be joining the UFO Beer family!

We’re guessing you’re saying, okay, so what is this Clown Shoes beer all about? Clown Shoes Beer began in late 2009 and since then, Clown Shoes has released over one hundred different beers. Clown Shoes currently produces 10 year-round beers, along with 25+ Limited Release, State-Specific & Barrel-Aged beers, and we’re looking forward to brewing them at our Breweries in Boston, MA and Windsor, VT.

What does this mean exactly? UFO Beer, Clown Shoes & Harpoon will continue to be the same beer that you know and love and in the coming months you will be able to enjoy all three brands at both of our breweries. We are so excited to have Clown Shoes join the family and we are even more excited to continue to bring you unique and delicious beers to share with your friends and family. Stay tuned for more details … it’s going to be an exciting ride!