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#UFOSighting Winners!

In August, we asked you all to share your #UFOSighting for a chance to win a $1500 voucher to JetBlue! You enjoyed UFO beer in some pretty incredible places and we’ve loved seeing all of your awesome photos!   From the tops of mountains to the inside of your kitchen, you made UFO look real good.

  Each UFO beer is a flavorful adventure, and while we’d love to send you all on your own adventure, there can only be one winner. We randomly selected a name from all the entries and congrats to @teaki13 for taking home the Grand Prize!! Be sure to pack some UFO and let us know where you end up flying! Another shout out to the runner ups who will be looking real fierce after using their Sunglass Hut gift certificates.

  Thank you for packing UFO beer on all your adventures, and keep sending in those pics! The sweepstakes may be over but we love reposting your epic photos and you never know when we might feel like sending out some swag!

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