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Big Squeeze Update

2016 was an exciting year for our UFO lineup. Our innovative brewers created two flavorful additions to our seasonal lineup, UFO Winter Blonde and UFO Twist. Your overwhelming excitement for the new additions proved to us that we couldn’t stop there. So, here’s the deal – earlier in April, we launched a new summer seasonal, drumroll please… UFO Huckleberry! It’s a berry blend that’s both sweet and refreshing – perfect for all things summer fun. What the huck is a huckleberry you ask? It’s a small, round, edible (phew!) berry whose more commonly known cousin, the blueberry, tends to get the spotlight. Not this time, though! This berry is ready to take the stage! But as the old saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. And in the beer world, sometimes that means we must retire some beers to allow for others to have their day in the sun (read: on the shelves and at your local watering hole - we don’t recommend keeping your beer in the sun!). So, after three wonderful years of brewing our thirst-quenching grapefruit shandy, we’re saying goodbye to UFO Big Squeeze so that we can make room for more innovation from our talented brewers.

We are confident that this new beer will find its way into all your summertime adventures. Plus, you can now say things like “Hey [friends name], pass me the huckin’ UFO Huckleberry, please!” or “What the huck?! Who drank all my UFO Huckleberry!?”

For further inquiries, or if you’d like to say goodbye to Big Squeeze personally, drop us a line at

You’re gonna huckin’ love UFO Huckleberry,

Your friends at UFO