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You Probably Can’t Guess What UFO and Polar Have in Common

...We mean besides our delicious new collaboration beer.

It’s great to have friends who sparkle! That’s why we’re excited to partner with fellow New England beverage creator, Polar Seltzer.     We got our start back in 1986, so we thought our brewery had history, but Polar Seltzer was up and running back in 1882. For reference - that’s pre-internet. And cell phones. And pretty much every other form of modern communication. Polar Seltzer may have reached their 21st birthday before us, but we still make great partners. Both UFO Beers and Polar Seltzer share a love for New England, and independence. Did you know Polar Seltzer is the largest independent bottler in the US? Cheers to that, team!
Well known for their creative and flavorful seltzers, Polar Seltzer knows a thing or two about innovation. At UFO Beers, we’re not afraid of a flavor adventure either! After years of coordinating events, setting up some fun inter-company perks, and sharing a love of all things Worcester (Polar Seltzer is based there, and our CEO was raised there) we finally decided it was time to work together. It’s not often that these kinds of decisions come so naturally, but for our two companies, it was a no-brainer. After arduous sampling (read: enjoying lots of delicious beverages together) we came up with this blueberry lemonade combination that works perfectly with our easy drinking wheat beer base. Pop open a can and enjoy this Seltzer’ade-inspired fruity beer, with the essence of blueberry and lemonade.
Next time you’re out shopping, reach for Polar Blueberry Seltzer’ade and UFO Blueberry Lemonade and don’t forget to let us know what you think. Cheers.