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UFO Pumpkin Update

As we write this, summer is starting to heat up. The 4th of July holiday was just last week, beach days are prevalent, and we’re looking for any and all excuses to be drinking UFO Huckleberry. That said, in the beer world we’re always looking two steps forward which means that while summer is on our brain (obviously), we’re also looking forward to cooler days in the fall.

2017 has been a year of new for us – new look for the brand, new summer seasonal, and now, a new fall seasonal. We've been enjoying UFO Pumpkin for many years, and while it was certainly delicious, we're excited to release a brand-spanking new seasonal this fall! What do you get when you take delicious cranberries from the bogs of Massachusetts and mix them with an unfiltered wheat beer? UFO Cranbeery, obviously! Available from August – October, we’re excited for you to take this somewhat sweet, somewhat tart beer with you all fall long.