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It's easy to forget that it's UFO Pink Lemonade season with all the snow storms and cold weather vibes. Get your T-shirts and sandals ready because, it’s true, the warm weather is just around the corner. Grab a beer, and remember all the good times that the sunshine brings!

    We wanted to jog your memory of all that summer has to offer, so we put together a list of all the things that are just as good as sippin’ on some Pink Lemonade in the sun...

        • Finding $10 in your pocket
        • Spotting a double rainbow
        • Running into an old friend you miss
        • A good nap
        • Playing with puppies
        • Finding a favorite beer in the back of the fridge you forgot about
        • Your best friend picking up the bar tab
        • Playing hooky from work on a sunny day
        • Remembering all the lyrics to your favorite song
        • Cooking a new recipe and it turning out perfectly
  Grab a case of UFO Splash Down, featuring our favorite summer flavors, and celebrate life’s little wins!