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5 Things That You Could Do As A Kid That Are EVEN BETTER Now

Because sometimes growing up ain’t all that bad…



Eating Junk food

Not only are we free from someone telling us we can “only pick out one” treat at the store, but we can now also use the oven any time we want. And thanks to the internet, we have access to tons of recipes so we can whip up brownies, cakes, and cookies any time we want. This might also be a good time to mention our UFO Raspberry Brownie recipe.

Playing Outside

We used to run around outside from morning to night – playing in the grass, skinning our knees, horsing around on the jungle gym but now the whole world is our playground! We can pack up on the weekend and head out to a concert, grab beers on a boat, hike up the side of a mountain, or even save up and venture to foreign countries. What are you waiting for? We mean besides your paycheck.

Listening to Mixtapes
Remember when you used to sit next to your radio for hours and immediately hit “record” on the blank tape in your stereo just to capture that perfect song to round out the mixtape for your crush? No? Just us?…Ok sure. With streaming channels there’s no more sitting by the radio for hours waiting for your favorite song to come on.We have all the jams we want any time at our fingertips. Mix tapes have turned into playlists available with the click of a button. BRB streaming Nsync…

Drinking Lemonade
Didn’t everyone and their mother have a lemonade stand as a kid to collect a few measly bucks to spend at the corner store on Italian Ice?  The taste of pink lemonade brings back so many memories, and now you can drink this tasty treat in beer form! UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy is a refreshing summer time beer that elevates the flavor.

Ordering Pizza
Ok, getting pizza has ALWAYS been amazing. But now, we have FULL control over those toppings and we can order it whenever we want. Pineapple? Yup. Meat Lovers? Definitely. Anchovy, onions, olives? Gross, but no one can stop you. Fact: pizza is the best. Pair your hot cheesy goodness with a UFO White.