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DIY Bottle Opener Board

Looking for a fun gift to give this holiday season? Look no further! Check out this super-easy-to-make DIY Bottle Opener Board! It’s sure to catch the bottle caps, and hearts, of your beer loving friends and fam.


Grab the following to get started:


– Any old wooden board

– A wall mounted bottle opener; grab one at your local department store or over here from our pals at Harpoon

– A small magnet

– Super glue

– The decorating instruments of your choice

– A few bottles of your favorite UFO beer. And some extras to, you know, make sure it works


1. Pro-tip: decorate first, construct later. We used a stencil to paint a big blue UFO on the front of our board to help us catch those bottle caps even quicker.


2. Caution, wet paint. Let your creation dry until further notice. Aka until your fingers no longer become works of art themselves upon touching.

3. Your wall mounted bottle opener will come with a set of screws and instructions. Instead of screwing it to a wall, screw it to the top of your nifty wooden board.

4. Drop a cap from the top of the board to determine how far down your magnet should go. Super glue the magnet to the board, as pictured above. Test out your new creation and wa-la, you’ve officially put the craft in craft beer.



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