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DIY Pumpkin Keg

Want to add even more pumpkin to your life this fall? We know we do. This DIY Pumpkin Keg is the way UFO Pumpkin was made to be served. So, follow our instructions and enjoy the real pumpkin, seasonal spice, and fresh-from-the-patch flavor of UFO Pumpkin straight from the source.



Grab the following to get started:


– A few six packs of UFO Pumpkin (because it’s never a bad idea to have more beer than necessary)

– A pumpkin large enough for all of your beer-serving-needs

– A knife

– A good spoon for scooping

– A keg tap (we used this one!)


Now, keg time!


1. Using the knife, make a lid by cutting a slice off of the top of the pumpkin.


2. Pop the lid off and remove everything from inside the pumpkins. Make sure you get all the seeds out!

3. Make a hole toward the base of the pumpkin large enough to fit your keg tap.


4. Secure the tap tightly onto the pumpkin keg by screwing from the inside.


5.Fill the keg with lots of UFO Pumpkin, bask in your pumpkin keg mastery and pour your friends some beers!



We want to see your creations in action, so be sure to share on Instagram and tag @UFOBeers for a chance to be featured!

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