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Get the Most Flavor out of Harpoon Octoberfest

Being our 29th time at Harpoon Octoberfest, we’ve learned a thing or two. And since we’re friends, here are 10 #ProTips to make this year’s Octoberfest the best yet. We’ll see you September 28th and 29th in Boston, MA.


1. You’ve heard it before: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” When you’re going to a beer festival, you will live or die by this statement. #Protip: Eat breakfast/lunch.


2. Harpoon Octoberfest is rain or shine. We’re hoping for sunshine, but we’ll be celebrating even if it’s pouring. #Protip: Check your weather app and plan your fab fall fashion accordingly.



3. Entrance into the festival, beer tickets, and food will all be yours quicker with cash. Credit cards are also accepted, but there will be no ATM’s on site this year. #Protip: Stop by an ATM before the festival.



4. There will probably be lines to get in in Boston. Even your mean tweets won’t make the lines shorter. Please note: the doors close at 9:30pm on Friday and 5:30pm on Saturday. #Protip: Get here early. Like really, really early.



5. There’s a magical place inside the festival referred to internally as the “back bar.” This truly beautiful place has the same beer as the other two bars, with a fraction of the people. #Protip: Don’t forget about the 3rd bar.



6. We’re all adults right? Right. We beg of you, please don’t throw your cup on the ground and then stomp on it. Just don’t do it. And if you’re reading this and thinking “What kind of monster would do such a thing?!” that’s exactly what we say…every year. #Protip: Refrain from stomping on your plastic souvenir cup, you monster.



7. Plan ahead so you can get back to wherever you plan on sleeping, safely. #Protip: Take advantage of our LYFT offer! Enjoy 25% off a ride to or from Harpoon Octoberfest with Lyft. Use code HARPOONOFEST18 in your app to automatically receive the discount on your ride.



8. Nothing ruins your festival experience like having to go cell phone fishing in a porta potty. It happens every year to a handful of poor souls. Don’t be a statistic. #Protip: Remove your phone from your back pocket before you enter the porta potty.



9. You can certainly show up to Harpoon Octoberfest solo, but coming with a group is recommended. They can 1. Tell you when you have mustard on your face, 2. Hold your hand as you weave through the crowd, and 3. Spot you a beer ticket when you’re in need. #Protip: come with friends, preferably your reliable, fun ones.



10. We love being in the Seaport. And the Seaport loves us. Help us keep the love alive by being respectful when you leave the festival. You want us to keep throwing huge festivals right?! #Protip: Have fun, drink responsibly, follow tip #6, and be respectful of our awesome neighbors.




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