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Halloween Party Tips!

Hey you! Want to learn how to make your next Fall bash NEXT LEVEL!? Check out some of our party tips to learn how to make your Halloween party scary good!


1. UFO Butterbeer Cocktail: The perfect Halloween party needs the perfect drink! Whip this bad boy up for you and your ghoul friends in no time!


2. Super Fast Cold Beers: What happens when your friend shows up as a mouse with a case of warm UFOs? You hug them then cool those beers down fast with this trick! 

3. Dress Up Your Beers! Our favorite part of Halloween is dressing up, so make sure that your beers have a chance to join in on the party! Mummify your beers with some medical tape, or create props/capes out of felt! Check out the pic below for inspiration >>

 Try one or try all three, take a picture of your creation and tag it on Instagram @UFObeers for a chance to be featured!

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