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Prep for Beer Drinking Winter Months

The weather is about to get very cold. We’re just warning you. We’re doing our due diligence to share with you the top tips to keep your UFO Beer drinking habits intact during the cooler months.


1. Koozie it up. Don’t let your hands freeze off while you’re holding your UFO Winter Blonde. Especially if you’re enjoying an outdoor beer during the cooler months.


2. Stock up for snow days. Nothing is worse than being trapped at home during a snowpocalypse without a single drop of beer. Make sure you keep your basement stocked up so that you can enjoy UFO during your surprise day at home.


3. Put your cooler outside so you never have to buy ice. The best part about snow is that you basically never have to worry about buying ice if you play your cards right. Stick your cooler outside so it fills up with some snow, bring it inside and pack it full of all your favorite UFO Beers.


4. Drink pineapple by the fire and pretend it’s July. The winter months can be kind of gloomy. We suggest getting a roaring fire going, putting on your bathing suit and drinking a UFO Pineapple. If you close your eyes it kind of feels like you’re at a 4th of July party. Sort of.


5. Stop by the brewery and pick up some warm UFO swag to match your favorite UFO beer. Before it’s too late, swing by the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA or Windsor, VT where you can enjoy all your favorite UFO beers and grab some swag to keep you warm during those chilly months.






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