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Fall Sundays are best spent huddled (get it?) around your friends getting ready to watch football. If you ask us, the best part of the game might actually be the tailgate. Want to make your next tailgate AWESOME?
Check out how to pack your cooler like a boss to get your crowd ready for the big game!:


1. First, you need a cooler! If you’re like us and like to take things next level, make it your own by decorating it with some stickers.


2. The beer! Our fall mix-pack, leaf peepin’, has four different UFO beers: UFO White, UFO Hefeweizen, UFO Raspberry, and UFO CRANBeeRY! There’s something everyone at the tailgate can enjoy.

3. Add ice! Trust us, nobody like a warm beer. However, if you get to the tailgate and realize that you’ve forgotten to put your beer on ice, don’t worry. We got you.


4. Food! Throw some hot dogs in your cooler to grill up for you and your friends. No grill? No problem! Before you head out, just cook up these insanely delicious dogs and bring them with you: UFO Hefeweizen Beer Brats!



5. Still got room? Pack a football or frisbee to toss around with your friends while you wait for the game to start!


6. Last, but certainly not least, make sure you gather some strong friends to help you carry that cooler in all of it’s glory. Happy tailgating!

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