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The 5 Stages of Saying Goodbye To Summer

It can be rough when the seasons start to change. That’s why we identified the five stages of kissing sweet, sweet Summer gooodbye.


Stage 1: Denial. This is a common stage that is oftentimes associated with completely denying the truth that August is coming to a close and those long summer days days are grower shorter. Perhaps you’ve begun wearing a headlamp around 8 PM to give off enough light to make you believe the sun is high in the sky rather than slowly setting in the west. This is a very rough stage of goodbye to Summer, but it is necessary to process the end of one of our favorite seasons.



Stage 2: Panic. You’ve slowly stepped out of denial, you’ve removed the headlamp from your evening walk and now you’re looking in the fridge at the waning quantities of Summer beers. At this point you’ve likely slammed the door of your car or kicked the kickstand of your bike and bee-lined to your local liquor store. This stage is accompanied by the hoarding of our mixpack, Splashdown.



Stage 3: Rage. You’ve restocked the fridge with your favorite Summer beers (UFO ones obviously) and now you’re just sitting there sipping with a scowl on your face. If anyone understands, it’s us. This is a tough stage – it’s often accompanied by the refusal to take off your bathing suit at all hours of the day. We suggest wearing it under your work clothes to get through this stage while maintaining employment.



Stage 4: Hysteria. We hate to tell you this but it is, indeed, frowned upon to barricade yourself in your home and turn the heat up to 85 degrees while the temperatures drop outside. We’re not suggesting this might happen to you, this stage of saying goodbye to summer can come and go for some, but it can be a grueling stage to get through. Just remember, the Splashdown cases that you’ve stockpiled will help you through this part of saying goodbye to Summer. Specifically, UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy if we might suggest a specific beer to get you through.



Stage 5: Acceptance. The final stage of saying goodbye to Summer is when you finally look around and notice that you have over 20 cases of Splashdown littering your home, your bathing suit is starting to cause chaffing beneath your work clothes, and you’re profusely sweating from the jacked up faux heat in your residence. And then, it dawns on you….UFO Pumpkin Beer is back. You grab that flannel out of your closet, lower the heat, and feel the crisp air on your face – this might not be so bad, afterall, you think.


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