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The History of UFO Pineapple

Learn how your favorite year round UFO got its start.


When we set out to make a refreshing year round option for our UFO fans, we weren’t necessarily thinking pineapple at first. We knew that we wanted to create something that allowed our beer drinkers to enjoy those adventures they craved year round even when they might not be able to get outside to enjoy doing what they love. There are few products that combine flavor and adventure in the same way pineapples do. It’s always fun to think of flavors that almost literally take you away. Pineapple had the chance to do exactly that, especially as we head into the dead of winter.


There were plenty of flavor profiles that we tirelessly tested to develop that perfect balance of paradise in every sip you take. When we found a natural extract that we liked (after a looong search) it made sense that pineapple would be the ingredient that would pack the most flavor into a beer that could be enjoyed throughout the entire year.


UFO Pineapple features a hop named El Dorado that is commonly agreed to have tropical fruit. specifically pineapple flavors and aromas, and it plays well with the fruitiness of the extract and the tartness of the lactic acid we used to liven the beer up. So kick back, put your feet up, and remember that paradise is only a UFO Pineapple away.

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