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UFO ReinBEER Bottles

Showing up to the party with beer is epic. Showing up to the party with themed beer is legend-DEER-y. Read on to learn how to make your own reinbeer bottles to bring to your next holiday bash!


Grab the following to get started:


– A few bottles of your favorite UFO beer

– Googly eyes

– Brown pipe cleaners

– Brown pom-poms (and one red!)

– A hot glue gun


1. Get all of your supplies ready to go, and try to resist the temptation of that tasty UFO staring back at you until your work here is done.

2. Twist one of the brown pipe cleaners around the top of the UFO bottle as pictured.

3. Cut another pipe cleaner in half so that you have two smaller pieces. Twist each of them around the top of that first pipe cleaner to create your antlers.

4. Grab your hot glue gun and stick on those googly eyes.

5. Glue on one of your pom-poms. We went with a shiny red nose to start, because like Rudolf, we’re a little out-of-this-world too.


Wa-la, your first reinbeer bottle is complete! Don’t forget to add the rest of the crew to make that reinbeer pack complete. We want to see your creations in action, so be sure to share on Instagram and tag @UFOBeers for a chance to be featured!