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November 10, 2020

UFO Winter Blonde: The Holiday Beer for Coffee Lovers

Have you ever tasted a light wheat beer that tastes like vanilla coffee? We hadn’t either until our brewers made UFO Winter Blonde! Made with vanilla cold brew from locally owned Boston Common Coffee Co., UFO Winter Blonde is light, refreshing, and perfect for the holiday season.

We had the chance to talk to our brewer Rich and coffee roaster Kevin from Boston Common Coffee Co. to learn more about this seasonal brew.

Q: What was the inspiration behind UFO Winter Blonde?

A (Rich): We wanted an approachable easy drinking beer that we could pair with coffee instead of the usual porters or stouts that you typically see. UFO beers are unfiltered, meaning we do not filter the yeast out of the beer, which is why they are cloudy. They are also known for being a bit different – but always refreshing and flavorful. For UFO Winter Blonde, we altered the base beer slightly to give it a little more body than the traditional UFO beer so that it could hold up nicely with the coffee and vanilla flavor.

Q: How did the coffee selection work and how did we land on Boston Common Coffee Co. French Vanilla?

A (Rich): We wanted it to be more than just a coffee UFO beer – in UFO fashion, we wanted to add some jazz to the style! We also love working with local partners whenever possible, and really enjoyed Boston Common Coffee’s medium roasted French vanilla bean because it added a nice vanilla flavor to the beer.

Q: What does this collaboration mean to Boston Common Coffee Co.?

A (Kevin): UFO is a Boston brand with a reputation for quality just like us. We have been fans of their beer for a while and were super excited about the opportunity to work with them.

Q: What is special about the Boston Common Coffee French Vanilla bean?

A (Kevin): We take great pride in our process and product. The coffee used in a medium roast is comprised of beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Papa New Guinea. We have developed this recipe to give drinkers a smoother taste with less acid and aftertaste. Once roasted, we tumble dry the beans and let them de-gas for 24 hours. By doing this, the bean becomes stable and more of the nutty and fruity flavors come out. We then flavor the whole beans with All-Natural Vanilla Flavoring before they are ground. Each bean gets coated and when ground it provides a nice subtle balanced flavor.

Q: Why is UFO Winter Blonde a great choice for the winter season?

A (Rich): It is a very drinkable and light offering versus your typical heavier stouts and porters you find during the winter season.

Q: What holiday foods would you pair with UFO Winter Blonde?

A (Rich): In terms of traditional holiday foods, I would recommend a roasted chicken and vegetable dish. But my favorite pairing for UFO Winter Blonde is breakfast for dinner: think chicken and waffles!

UFO Winter Blonde is now available in 6-pack cans, 12-pack bottles, in the Jingle All the Way mix pack, and on draft! Click here to find UFO Winter Blonde near you.

Be sure to check out Boston Common Coffee Co. and their variety of coffees!